London mixed withyour city

Create a cocktail tribute to your city, using Beefeater Gin, the spirit of London.


Be crowned Beefeater MIXLDN Global Champion and win a once in a lifetime experience.

This year's winner will be invited to London to create and distill a limited edition run of their very own gin. Working with Beefeater Master Distiller Desmond Payne, you will select from a range of botanicals to create your signature blend. Your name and winning cocktail recipe will feature on the packaging of your own limited edition!


London's strength and global influence comes from its incredible urban diversity. The people, the food, the art and the culture is a unique blend from around the world that is adopted and melded into what London is today. Beefeater is and has always been made in London and has been shaped by its magic.

For this year's MIXLDN competition, we would like you to create an original cocktail using YOUR city as inspiration.

You should design your cocktail to celebrate the urban diversity of the city you live and work in, using Beefeater Gin. We want you to look at all aspects of your city's culture, the art, music, food and the people, and get your inspiration.


  1. If you are selected for the local finals, you will be required to make three drinks of your creation: one for the judges, one to be photographed and one that will be judged by your fellow competitors.

    You will not make your drink in front of the judges. Drinks will be made at the bar and brought to the judges’ tasting area.

    You will then be interviewed by the judges, who will be looking to understand your inspiration behind the drink, your knowledge of the brand and execution of the brief.

  2. The average mark of all the awarded marks by the judges will account for a minimum of 80% of the overall bartender score. Judges will award points based on the following criteria:

    • Appearance: Does the cocktail look appealing in the photograph?

    • Balance: Judging from the recipe is there one flavour/element of the cocktail that dominates or is there a good balance between the ingredients?

    • Beefeater Characteristics: Is Beefeater the star of the show? Judging from the recipe, has the bartender understood the flavour profiles of either Beefeater Dry or Beefeater 24 and chosen ingredients that complement the chosen gin?

    • Originality: Has there been interesting/innovative use of ingredients, methodology, equipment, presentation etc.?

    • Inspiration & Execution: Can we see clear inspiration in the recipe of the creative and cultural side of the city in which the bartender works?

  3. One of the drinks will be handed to the competitors who will anonymously judge this drink based on appearance and taste.

    This drink will be marked out of 10 points by each competitor (with the exception below) and will account for up to 20% of the overall score.

    The bartender will judge all drinks except for his own and the drink of the competitor immediately before him, as this will be during your allotted preparation time.

  4. This section of the competition may not take place in every country. You should be advised by the local Beefeater Team if this event will be taking place. It is a stand-alone element of MIXLDN and is purely for the promotion of the competitors, Beefeater Gin and MIXLDN, and will not count towards the overall result.

    You will be making samples of their drink for invited guests at an event.

    You will be required to make a certain number of drinks over a set period of time. The local Beefeater Team will advise on exact quantities and timings ahead of the National Final.

    You will be judged on two aspects:

    1. The taste of the drink

    2. How well you will engage with the crowd

    Note: The bartender will be responsible for all ingredients and equipment with the exception of Beefeater Dry, Beefeater 24, sampling glasses/cups and ice.

GlobalFinal in London

We will show you the best of our city, including the Beefeater Distillery, some of the best London bars and restaurants, introduce you to industry legends and will make sure you live a once in a lifetime experience.

In return, we'll ask you to show us the best of your skill. You will be asked to reproduce your winning cocktail at the National Final in front of Desmond Payne and 2 other internationally famous judges and challenge you during surprise cocktail challenges… Stay tuned on our Facebook page to learn more about the Global Final.

Meet thejudges

  • Desmond


    Considered to be the world's most experienced gin distiller, Desmond Payne has over 50 years of expertise in the industry. An authority in all areas of gin, Desmond will be judging the Global Final cocktails.

  • Sim


    Sim is a new member of the Beefeater team, joining in April as a Global Ambassador. Her extensive experience in the drinks industry and her passion for cocktails, means she is well-placed to judge your bartender skills.

  • Seb


    Seb, our veteran Global Ambassador has been part of our judging team since the beginning and is a well known name within the industry. You will have probably met him along the way but if you haven't, now is your opportunity to be introduced.