BeefeaterMIXLDN 2016 Competition

It all began in 2011 with only 50 entrants and 4 countries participating. By 2016, there were over 1,400 entrants across 33 countries and has become the largest gin cocktail competition in the world. Have a quick preview of our Beefeater MIXLDN 2016 Global Final event in London.

I can’t believe I have won. It’s still not properly sunk in! The calibre of competition was exceptionally high – with each cocktail more innovative and creative than the last and each paying heed to the theme of the competition whilst ensuring the unique and distinctive flavours of the Beefeater Gin came through front and centre.
Timothy Ching

Global Final judges included Beefeater Master Distiller Desmond Payne, award-winning industry experts such as Ryan Chetiyawardana, Anistatia Miller and Esther Media Cuesta and popular cocktail writers and critics BarChick and The Cocktail Lovers. Thank you for these amazing moments.

Winner of 2016

Timothy Ching

Timothy was crowned the winner, following a hard-fought contest against 31 finalists from the four corners of the globe, with his ‘Please Sir I Want Some More’ cocktail deemed the absolute best in class at last night’s (9th February 2016) grand finalé, held at the Bike Shed in Shoreditch. Timothy impressed the panel of judges across a series of challenges that included creating an innovative cocktail in line with the competition’s theme of ‘Inspired by London, Directed by You’ – with each drink taking a cue from the very best of British cinema.

The winning cocktail

Please Sir,I Want Some More


Japanese Hard Shake


Wooden coupe


Candid dehydrated grapefruit peels


40ml Beefeater 24
10ml Kamm & Sons
10ml Chamomile tea & Grapefruit Zest Syrup
5 Dashes Calamansi Vinegar
3 Dashes Tea Pot Bitters

The 2016global finalists

  • Alberto Pizarro Spain
  • Andrei-Razvan Mocan Romania
  • Charlotte de Fevere Belgium
  • Conor Ryan Ireland
  • Daniel Calta Denmark
  • Dawid Pytkowski Poland
  • Dilyan Avramov Bulgaria
  • Emil Hed Sweden
  • Fábio da Costa Portugal
  • George Hunter South Africa
  • Jin Kim South Korea
  • Joseph Ballinger United Kingdom
  • Karina Tamm Estonia
  • Konstantin Karvounis Austria
  • Konstantinos Vlachos Greece
  • Madeleine Tate New Zealand
  • Marek Vybíral Czech Republic
  • Mario Batista Cuba
  • Masanori Fujikura Japan
  • Matheus Cunha Brazil
  • Michael Fortier Canada
  • Moona Janhunen Finland
  • Mor Koral Israel
  • Nenad Milosevic Serbia
  • Ni Kun China
  • Odd Rasmussen Norway
  • Rodrigo Muños Chile
  • Stacey Swenson United States of America
  • Tarek Nix Germany
  • Timothy Ching Hong Kong
  • roberto giudici Italy
  • Ľubomír Miščík Slovakia